Footloose and fancy-free – hell no – foot supported and injury free

SOLEI had to walk a marathon through the streets of London to get these SOLE footbeds, but it was well worth it. Action PR’s client, Everyone Active, was a sponsor of the recent Shine Walk in London which was a fund-raiser for Cancer Research UK. The PR agency decide to get a team together to take part and invited some National Running Show ambassadors to join them. Another of their clients is SOLE, hence the free footbeds. I was really chuffed to get them, because I have been using SOLE footbeds for years and my existing pair were getting to the end of their long, tough life. That included a 3-month back-packing hike in Scotland; wet feet every day and long distances on varied terrain. I had no foot problems.

Honesty announcement: I used to be the Ed part of Ed & Phil Active, who were agents and distributors selling sports and outdoor goods to independent retailers, before I left to set up Trailrunningman. SOLE footbeds were one of those products, however we only sold products we believed in and used ourselves. The business is now run exclusively by my ex business partner, friend and serial marathon runner Phillip Howells. If you want to buy some footbeds get them from an independent retailer or Ed & Phil via the online shop.

Now to why I love SOLE insoles. I do not have any particular foot or lower limb issues, but do run and hike very long distances, so I am on my feet for a long time. The SOLE footbeds help in two ways. One, because of the heat-moulded fit, the load on your foot is spread over the entire surface, not just the ball and heel of your foot, which helps reduce hotpots and hence blisters. It will also help with power transfer (something triathletes get very excited about) when you are a cycling. Apparently, it will also improve the distance you can hit a golf ball, but I’ve never seen the point of golf so I cannot get excited about that.

Two, they provide arch support which means for me that my feet do not get tired, even when standing up for hours on a concrete floor at a trade show or expo, or when running ultramarathons. Note the all-important word, support! It does this by a one-piece construction of EVA with variable density. Other brands have different sections which control the foot, which can cause more issues than it resolves.

If you suffer from any lower limb problems, e.g. Plantar Fasciitis, then SOLE footbeds should be your first port of call. A lot cheaper than a podiatrist. However, if the problem is serious then consult a professional. Many podiatrists, use SOLE footbeds as the base on which they fit custom made orthotics You can trim part of the footbed to fit your shoe if necessary. If you are a bit too enthusiastic with the scissors or overcook the footbeds when softening, don’t worry, SOLE operate a 90-day no-quibble return policy.

If you want more, have a look at the SOLE website, you will also find research results on there, including the golf study.



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