A tale of two injuries and judgements

knee-bandageA little while ago two people I know suffered minor injuries and had to visit a hospital. One was staying with a friend and got up in the night to go to the toilet, unfortunately he bumped into a low table and bruised his leg. A few days later he started to feel unwell and the site of the bruise was looking very unpleasant so he went to hospital. The diagnosis was that he had blood poisoning and was given antibiotics. He was rushed back into hospital a little later having had an adverse reaction to the antibiotics. I’m please to say he has recovered now.

The other person was a runner and had hurt his knee, but not badly, falling during a race. A few weeks later he entered another hilly, technical off-road race, the knee protested and swelled up quite dramatically. He took himself off to the minor injuries unit where they gave him some anti-inflammatories and refereed him to the main hospital for a scan. Fortunately there was no serious damage.

The guy with the bruise got a great deal of sympathy from friends and acquaintances, but the runner got some criticism from people for burdening the NHS with a self-inflicted injury. I think those views should be reversed because I have the full picture.

Our furniture bumper eats a very poor diet (and a great deal of it) and does not move about very much. He is obese, has type II diabetes as a result and takes a cocktail of drugs to treat a variety of ailments arising from his inactivity and obesity. His poor health probably resulted in the bruise causing more problems that it would have for you and me. He is a very regular visitor to his GP’s surgery and local hospital.

The runner has not visited his GP for five years, except once to get a medical certificate for a foreign race, he had to pay for that, and has not been in hospital before the recent visit with the knee problem. I know who I would criticise for being a drain on the NHS.



One thought on “A tale of two injuries and judgements

  1. integratedexpat says:

    To me, a self-inflicted injury is cutting your wrists or shooting yourself in the foot or other less dramatic examples. What happened to your acquaintances were both accidents, pure and simple, and they can happen to anyone, however fit or unfit you are. The whole point of the NHS is that it’s there for everyone, however their injuries and illnesses are caused, but somebody who’s keeping fit and eating well is likely to be a net contributor, not a drain, as you say. Good call!


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