Imagination and Memories


In my last two blog posts I talked about the sensuous side of running, particularly sounds and smells, but sensuous things were not to the fore today. My mind was working overtime and coming up with all sorts of stuff.

It was a beautiful day and I would have normally headed straight to the coastal path to enjoy the sea and cliff views, but today my soul wanted to be among trees so I headed inland.  To join up some of the nicer footpaths it was necessary to run along short sections of country lanes and it was the names of some of the houses I passed that fired my imagination.

I did have a sensuous experience early on. As I was stepping over an electric fence my foot sank into the mud and my leg touched the wire. That was a very powerful sensation; quite socking, but it was the only unpleasant thing to happen on the run today and it wasn’t all bad, the adrenaline surge helped me get up the hill.

The first house I passed with an evocative name was called ‘Lindisfarne’. Strange that a house in the far south west of England should be named after an island off the coast in the far north east of England. Were the owners deeply religious or past residents of the island. Perhaps I had it wrong and they were fans of the Newcastle rock band of the same name. The house was on a corner so that would match with one of their hits, ‘Meet me on the Corner’. I ran on singing  Fog on the Tyne, which was annoying because I only know a couple of lines and they were going around and around in my head.

The next was a house called ‘Sweets’. I pondered long and hard but could come up with no sensible reason why anyone would call a house Sweets. I could understand if they had named it after a favourite like Dolly Mixtures or Humbug (perhaps not), but Sweets is far too generic to be a house name in my view. The next was ‘Flanders’; what a rich mixture of images and thoughts that conjured up, as did ‘Benjys Field’, but those were much more pleasant. Although I regretted not having a marker pen with me so I could add an apostrophe.

It was out into the fields and woods after that and I just enjoyed the countryside, listening to the birds, the wind rustling the tress and the sound from the streams. I emerged onto the road along the drive for Manor Farm. I had a little debated with myself whether that was the original name of Animal Farm or was it Home Farm. I finally decided that Manor Farm was the original name of Animal Farm. I checked on Google when I got back home and I was right. Not bad going when you consider I last read the book when I did it for O-level 45 years ago. A little further down the road was a field of pigs; weird. If you don’t get the connection read Animal Farm.

After that I reached the coastal path and starting running back towards Crackington Haven from the Boscastle direction so most of the time I could see the dishes of GCHQ Bude. This reminded me of the time I organised a 40-mile training run on the coastal path for a group of friends, most of who were training for the Comrades marathon. What a huge store of memories that opened. The six hours the run took flew past and I was somewhat sad to arrive back to where I had left the car.

It will be interesting to see what the focus of the next run will be.









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