Running Smells

DSC_0002Yesterday I wrote about running being  a sensuous thing involving all the senses and that on Sunday my auditory senses got the lion’s share. Today it was the turn of my olfactory senses.

As I left the house there was the smell of baking coming from the nearby supermarket, but this was soon wafted away by the breeze and there was nothing remarkable smell-wise until the scent of the massed daffodils in the council flower beds reached my nostrils. I then turned onto the canal towpath where the air has its own smell, which is hard to pin down and describe; it is just different. It’s not a strong smell like you get by some canals in cities, the water in our canal is clean and has a reasonable flow. I was still pondering how to describe it when I turned off across the fields towards the coast. There was a boggy patch with a dank, unpleasant smell of rotting vegetation. Later this was to be outdone by the foul smell of slurry, but not before my nostrils had experienced the sweetness of haylage as I passed some stables.

When I reached the coast the sea breeze, heavy with salt and with a slight hint of seaweed, cleared away the unpleasant smells. I ran along the cliff tops where there are stubby bushes and some old dead long grass, when the breeze dropped a musty smell rose from it as it was bathed in sunshine. I came down off the cliffs and back to the edge of town past the graveyard behind St Michael & All Angels church. There was a confused perfume smell for the flowers laid on the graves, then there was the clear and strong smell from a patches of bluebells on the bank beside the track. I could taste it at the back of my throat.

It was then just the smell of traffic fumes until I got home and was assaulted by the smell of my own sweat. That was soon replaced by the citrusy zing of my Lemon & Lime shower gel followed by the wonderful spicy warm smell of Lynx Africa antiperspirant.

The final notes in this scent symphony were provided by the aroma of freshly ground India Gems of Araku Organic coffee beans bought from Sabins Artisan Roasters.




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