Side tracked

I got rather side tracked this week by a magazine I was given when I attended the National Adventure Awards. It is very aptly named ‘Sidetracked’.

DSC01168It is full of stories and photographs of wonderful adventures; climbing, hiking, surfing, scuba-diving, even running. I flicked through looking at the pictures and then I just dived in and devoured it, then went back and savoured it and then went back and just looked at it. Then I read it again. The places were so exotic, some I had heard of and others I hadn’t. The descriptions were magnificent and the stories so varied. Cornucopia is a word just made for this magazine.


The magazine naturally fell open at this page, which I took as an omen. I love trees and the top two photographs are of some pretty weird ones. The article was about paragliding on the forgotten island of Socotra and is beautifully written. I’d never heard of Socotra, but now I want to go there.


I had expected the piece about running through the Namib Desert to resonate with me, I’m a runner and love deserts. The article was written by a friend and was about two runners I know. It resonated a lot, but so did many of the other articles. The one that I enjoyed the most was a short one about climbing the limestone side of the Verdon Gorge in Provence, France. It ends with the following paragraph.

“Achievement are a funny concept. We toil and obsess over them, seek them out with unrelenting passion, and then, once they’re finished, celebrate them briefly before pushing them aside in search of the next one.”

That is so true; us runners chase after PBs (personal bests), but as soon as we get one it has no value – we want to replace it with another one. We run a 10k and think, I’ll try a half-marathon, then ‘surely I can run a marathon’ and after that it is ultras and extreme challenges. That’s life to do anything else would be existing.

Treat yourself Sidetracked




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