Running makes you a better parent

Scan_20151223 (2)

This Monday morning I had to get up early to pick up my daughter, Charlotte, and drive her into work. She’s the sweet little thing on the right – she’s a lot older now, but still sweet. Her car would not start on Saturday night so she had left it in town, which is about 14 miles from where she lives. Good old Dad dropped her home Saturday night.

After I dropped her at work I drove home and put my running kit on before driving to where she had left her car. I managed to jump start it and drove it to the garage that has looked after my cars for the last 15 years. Dave is always busy, but I managed to persuade him to look at it that day; he runs a bit so is a kindred spirit, although he thinks I’m completely nuts because of the sort of running I do. I then ran back to my car, the long way round because the direct route is too dangerous, drove home, showered and started work.

I gave Dave a ring at 4.30pm to see if the car was ready, it was, so I ran out to pick it up and drop it off at my daughter’s workplace before running home.

Now had I not been a runner the logistics would have been a lot more complicated and my daughter would probably not have got her car back that evening. I like running around after my kids because I like running. The big smile I got from Charlotte when she met me in the car park was a bonus.

Those sorts of impromptu runs are good training, plus you don’t feel as if all your running is just going around in circles starting and finishing in the same place.



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