Run how you want to run.

EC IOWI read a post on the Run Amok blog today that started: 

“Wanna know what makes me a runner?

I run! 

Wanna know what makes me a writer?

I write!” 

There wasn’t much more after that. It has an eloquent simplicity (except for the wanna) and its logic cannot be faulted, but I think it lacked so much. A meal is a meal, but there is a huge difference between a vegetable stir-fry and’ boeuf-en-croute, especially if you are a vegan.  

So I think to understand what makes someone a runner you have to consider, the type of running and who they are. If the two are in harmony you have a happy runner, if they are not you have a tortured soul.

I love to run and explore the countryside, to be in the fields and the forests, seeing animals and birds, smelling different smells. I like to go fast, or what is fast for me, but I also like to have time to take in the view, to relax, to unwind and to grow. I do enter races, but not to compete, sometimes it is to explore new places and sometimes it is to challenge myself. I’m not very competitive, but I am immensely proud that through my running I have achieved something that no one else has; finishing the Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon 8 times and I will do all I can to defend that record. But ultimately success for me is measure in how much I’ve enjoyed the experience – good times

Others love to race on the road or track, they train to race and then they race. It is all about the competition; the test. Do you live up to the standard you have set yourself? Fields and forests are seen as obstacles that slow them down and get in the way of a fast performance. Satisfaction is measured in trophies, minutes and seconds – good times.

I love to run long distance, others like to sprint, but ask us to describe what it feels like and you will see the same look in our eyes.

 Do you want to know what makes a happy runner? They run how they want to run.


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